Longyuan Group has won three high quality structure awards in Hainan Province!

Time : 2020-10-27

Recently, the official website of Hainan construction engineering quality and Safety Inspection Association announced"Hainan Provincetwo thousand and twentyIn the first half of the year, the Tianjie Huafu project undertaken by Longyuan Construction Group Co., Ltd. was awardedThreeThis is the highest honor award for the structural quality of construction projects in Hainan Province.

Tianjie Huafu project is located in Qiongshan District, Haikou City, Hainan Province, with a total construction area ofTwo609ThreeFour.ThreeTwoMTwo Four Residential buildings,Twenty-fiveCommercial and residential buildings andTwoThe main structure is reinforced concrete frame shear wall structure. Award winning projects are: Tianjie, Washington phase IAConstruction areaThree5Two90.6FourM2), Tianjie Huafu phase IBConstruction areaFour0ThreeFourThree.75M2), the residential part of Tianjie Huafu phase II (building area)seventy-nine thousand six hundred and eighty-one point one one㎡)。

In recent years, Hainan Branch has made continuous efforts in the work of creating excellence and cup, and has made good achievements.Two018Green city Qingshuiwan palm garden project won the "Green Island Cup" in Hainan Province;Two019The Central International Plaza project won the "National High Quality Engineering Award" in, which had been awarded the "high quality structure" and "Green Island Cup" awards in Hainan Province;two thousand and twentyThe project of haitangyuan, a small town in Lvcheng, was awarded the "Green Island Cup" in Hainan Province.

The award once again proves the firm determination of Longyuan Group in creating regional brand reputation. In the future, Longyuan Group will continue to move forward, constantly expand the brand influence of Longyuan in various regions, create more excellent projects, and make greater contributions to accelerating the construction of various regions!

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